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Merrylands Baptist Church Website!

There were various goals for the Merrylands Baptist Church website that needed to be met. Firstly, they wanted a website that would help communicate to a wider audience, who they were as a Church, where they met, and what services they provided. Secondly, they wanted the website to fit in with the existing brochures and marketing materials that had already been designed. And thirdly, they wanted a place for regular members, as well as members of the public, to listen to any of the recorded sermons in an easy manner.

Since doing this website, the response has been great. Website traffic continues to increase, new people visit the Church and state that they had found out about the Church through the website, and the statistics are showing that many people are taking advantage of being able to listen to the sermons online.


Merrylands Baptist Church

Merrylands Baptist Church are a Church based in the heart of Merrylands, with the Holroyd Council district. The Church has around 110 years of history in the area, and has a solid connection with the local area.

Merrylands Baptist Church Website: http://www.merrylandsbaptist.org.au

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