Mark Calleja Accounting!

Having had their website developed quite a while ago by another website developer, it had since gotten to the point where key parts of it were no longer supported, nor working. With one of those key parts being the page builder no longer functioning, and the theme abandoned long ago by its developer, it was now impossible to make minor changes to the website. After spending time determining whether it was able to be updated, and talking with the page builder developer, it was determined impossible to update it. Therefore, we were given the task of rebuilding the website using products that were much better supported, which would ensure better compatibility into the future.

Like all the websites we design, this is able to be viewed on all devices, including PC’s, Tablets, and Mobile Phones, and with its responsive design, the experience accommodates appropriately.


Mark Calleja Accounting

Mark Calleja is the head of a professional Accounting practice in North Sydney, that has received much praise from their customers.

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